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Education & Training


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Many folks in the WISP arena are self-taught, but when you receive formal training from a factory authorized trainer, it is as if the light comes on and suddenly so many things make much more sense. In addition, with products like MikroTik, there are often many ways to accomplish the same outcome and knowing which method is "Best Practice" and which approaches are the most efficient are often the hardest concepts to grasp.

We offer both public and private MikroTik training. Pick a course and then check our training calendar for the next class.

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From Emergency Support to Network Architecture, Our Inustry Experts can help your organization  meet and exceed its goals.   

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Not only are our support services inexpensive, we understand your budget and will work utilizing carrier grade equipment without the carrier grade price.    

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We represent over 30 different Carrier Organizations across North America.   Let our team get you the best pricing on your Circuit Today.

Stupidly Simple DDoS Protocol (SSDP) generates 100 Gbps DDoS via CloudFlares Blog

Last month shared statistics on some popular reflection attacks. Back then the average SSDP attack size was ~12 Gbps and largest SSDP reflection we recorded was: 30 Mpps (millions of packets per second) 80 Gbps (billions of bits per second) using 940k...

Color Coding Indoor Fiber Optic Cables

As a Wireless Operator for generations now - most of the market has decided to use specific color ethernet wire for specific purposes.     As many are moving to become FTTH providers (Fiber to the home) - some are just keeping to the same setup they always have. BUT -...

DOL-OSHA and FCC release Communications tower best practices

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Federal Communications Commission are concerned about the risks faced by employees in the communication tower industry. Employees climb communication towers to perform construction and maintenance activities...

The state of Data Centers and Co-Location in Indianapolis

We like to refer to Indianapolis, Indiana as an “NFL  City” when explaining the connectivity and peering landscape.  It is not a large network presence like Chicago or Ashburn but has enough networks to make it a place At the heart of Indianapolis is the Indy Telcom...

A fun network Related Word Search

BGP Word Search. Something fun for the office or total boredom. Download bgp_word_search in...

Where does Trill and VXLAN fit in your strategy?

As networking trends, yo-yo between layer-3 and layer-2 centric different protocols have emerged. Protocols such as Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL), Shortest Path Bridging (SPB), and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) have emerged to address the need...

5.8 Cambium Elevated Devices & Max EIRP

Lately, we have had a few clients run into signals becoming worse when they elevated clients to ePMP.   This is not a result of the software being bad, but it enforcing the max EIRP on the units.  This boils down to older devices compliant with original FCC grants...

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